An audit is the inspection of the financial report of the business – as presented in the annual report – by someone independent of that business. The financial report includes a balance sheet, an income statement, a statement of changes in equity, a cash flow statement, and notes comprising a summary of significant accounting policies and other explanatory notes.

The purpose of an audit is to form a view on whether the information presented in the financial report, taken reflects the financial position of the business at a given date such as:

• Details of what is owed and what the business owes are properly recorded on the balance sheet
• The business profits or losses properly assessed we will help you by checking of the financial reports.
• We follow auditing standards which are set by a government body.
• Once the audit work completed your business will get an audit report, explaining what has been done and an opinion drawn up for the audit work.


We can offer this service through one of our accredited partners and we will discuss this with you beforehand.

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