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I Sumar & Co - Management Accounts

Management Accountants For Your Business

Management accounting is the intersection of accounting, finance, and management, integrating essential systems to propel successful businesses forward.

Regular management information plays a pivotal role in sustaining business success. Our collaborative approach involves closely understanding your business, allowing us to provide tailored suggestions for profit enhancement and business growth.


We will prepare monthly or quarterly management accounts based on your preferences, ensuring you consistently have reliable and accurate insights into your business’s position.

Our staff are well trained and would handle all the matters such as:

Our well-trained staff can efficiently handle a wide range of matters, including:

  • Recording Financial Transactions: Documenting financial activities related to projects, departments, or the entire company.

  • Preparing Financial Statements: Creating statements for both internal and external use.

  • Budget Reconciliation: Ensuring spending aligns with the budget, especially in job costing scenarios.

  • Financial Analysis and Forecasting: Evaluating performance and predicting long-term prospects.

  • Cost-Cutting Strategies: Recommending methods to reduce costs.

Record Maintenance and Auditing Support: Keeping accurate records and assisting with audits.

Additionally, our expertise extends to:

  • Financial Advisory: Providing guidance to company or department management.

  • Strategic Recommendations: Offering upper-level strategies based on financial insights.

Feel free to reach out if you need further clarification or have additional tasks to discuss!

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Unlock the potential of your business!

Our skilled team is here to simplify your processes and minimise your accounting workload.

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