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Keeping accounts

I Sumar & Co - Accountancy

Accountancy For Your Business

For every incorporated business, they must submit year end accounts to company’s house and HMRC and prepare financial statements

We will liaise with you every step of the way to keep all the records up to date, so nothing is left to the last minute. We provide accountancy for sole traders, partnerships, and limited companies.

Our staff are well trained and would handle all the matters such as:

  • Companies House and HMRC Submissions: Ensuring timely and accurate submission of financial information to both Companies House and HMRC.

  • Providing Financial Information to Management: Researching and analysing accounting data to prepare reports for management decision-making.

  • Preparing Account Entries: Compiling and analysing account information to create entries for assets, liabilities, and capital accounts.

  • Documenting Financial Transactions: Entering relevant account information to maintain a record of financial transactions.

  • Financial Recommendations: Analysing accounting options and recommending appropriate financial actions.

  • Financial Status Review: Collecting information and preparing balance sheets, profit and loss statements, and other reports to assess the current financial status.

  • Transaction Confirmation: Verifying financial transactions by checking relevant documents.

  • Accounting Controls and Procedures: Establishing and recommending accounting policies and procedures to maintain control and accuracy.

  • Guidance and Support: Directing accounting office staff, answering questions, and providing guidance.

  • Reconciliation of Financial Discrepancies: Collecting and analysing account information to resolve discrepancies.

  • Data Security and Backup: Ensuring the security of financial information through database backups.

  • Internal Controls and Financial Security: Following internal controls to maintain financial security.

  • Payment Preparation and Verification: Verifying documentation and requesting disbursements for payments.

  • Accounting Procedure Support: Researching and interpreting accounting policy and regulations to address procedure-related queries.

  • Special Financial Reports: Collecting, analysing, and reviewing account information and trends to prepare specialized financial reports.

  • Confidentiality and Operations Protection: Safeguarding financial information to maintain customer confidence and protect business operations.

Feel free to reach out if you have any specific requirements or need further assistance!

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Unlock the potential of your business!

Our skilled team is here to simplify your processes and minimise your accounting workload.

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